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11201 - Satin St. Steel
108mm long (96mm c/s)

(Reference #HTK.011201.SSX)

Price £4.77 (excl. VAT) per handle

11202 - Satin St. Steel
140mm long (128mm c/s)

(Reference #HTK.011202.SSX)

Price £5.09 (excl. VAT) per handle

74254 - Satin St. Steel
172mm long (160mm c/s)

(Reference #HTK.074254.SSX)

Price £10.97 (excl. VAT) per handle

11203 - Satin St. Steel
204mm long (192mm c/s)

(Reference #HTK.011203.SSX)

Price £6.29 (excl. VAT) per handle

74255 - Satin St. Steel
236mm long (224mm c/s)

(Reference #HTK.174255.SSX)

Price £12.67 (excl. VAT) per handle

74256 - Satin St. Steel
332mm long (320mm c/s)

(Reference #HTK.174256.SSX)

Price £15.81 (excl. VAT) per handle

11204 - Satin St. Steel
364mm long (352mm c/s)

(Reference #HTK.111204.SSX)

Price £9.18 (excl. VAT) per handle

74257 - Satin St. Steel
492mm long (480mm c/s)

(Reference #HTK.174257.SSX)

Price £21.35 (excl. VAT) per handle

74258 - Satin St. Steel
716mm long (704mm c/s)

(Reference #HTK.174258.SSX)

Price £29.11 (excl. VAT) per handle

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